Competition Partner Group - Promotion, Event, Service

Our name is a promise.

We focus our energy on addressing your target group creatively and with a long-lasting effect – using the expertise and experience of our specialized team and an effective network.



It’s part of our name and imprinted in our
genetic code: the determination and the promise
to give you all we’ve got. Challenge us!

We are always thinking in terms of your target group:
strategically and analytically, on and off line,
interdisciplinary and integrated. Remember us!

Live marketing for the information age and the age
of brands. We create comprehensive, emotional,
and memorable brand experiences. Experience us!

We turn productions into high-quality, innovative,
multisensory customer interaction – on short notice,
on time, and on budget. Try us!

We work in close cooperation with your purchasing
department: from drafting specifications to hiring
reliable service providers. Trust us!

Away from square and antiquated marketing models,
we offer future-proof experiential marketing and content
communication with added value. Count on us!

We work with in-house experts on developing
customized app and Web solutions. Come with us!



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