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live communication 3.0

*live communication 3.0” is a client-oriented approach that revolves around customers and their experiences with companies and brands. For this purpose, we use innovative communication and a productive customer experience to boost and reposition brands. Based on scientific research, we analyze customer experience from the customer’s point of view – away from outdated marketing concepts, towards a future-oriented dynamic interaction with the consumer!



Why Activation Marketing?

Anytime, anywhere, we are in competition!

Experiencing a brand gives you the edge and activates the target group in the long run.

That’s what Competition Partner stands for.

We create individual emotional experiences, use innovative tools to address the audience, and keep communication alive by integrating modern media.

Experiential Marketing

… creates valuable, memorable brand experiences by addressing customers in an emotional, multisensory way, capturing their attention, encouraging them to buy products, and building up a lasting loyalty to the brand.

By interacting and getting involved with your product at the “Point of Experience” (POE), your customers can experience its benefits first-hand, leading to a brand segmentation that makes sense, boosting brand image and awareness and – ultimately – sales!

Properly used, experiential marketing is the most powerful instrument for creating brand loyalty!

Content Marketing

… is the digital evolution of marketing! In contrast to traditional communication, content communication no longer forges a brand relationship through advertising pressure and budget but merges brands and entertainment content in such a way that the brand itself shifts into the focus of consumer interest.

Steering away from classic “lecturing” towards an open dialog with the consumer, brands themselves become valuable, relevant media and content providers that offer benefits to their users and will be recommended to others.

Content supports, stabilizes, and boosts sales. Effective, quantifiable, and unique content solutions increase brand loyalty and immediate sales.

Content communication optimizes marketing’s ROI and improves the brand’s success in the long run!


Most decisions are strongly emotional and much less rational than we think. 95 percent of our purchase decisions are made subconsciously, intuitively, and on an emotional level and are never based purely on reasoning.

Why do we buy product A and not B? How do we really make purchase decisions? Why are emotions so important when we buy? Traditional market research notwithstanding, 70 percent of all product launches fail – in spite of millions being spent on advertising.

One of the reasons is that the general conditions for communications have fundamentally changed. The pressure of advertising overkill on the consumer keeps growing rapidly, while its efficiency is in decline at the same rate. When products are regarded as interchangeable, trust and emotions – apart from price – become key factors in purchase decisions.

Neuromarketing (“consumer neuroscience”) tries to figure out the consumers’ “true” needs and desires. Applied neuromarketing elicits emotions, helps to create memorable experiences, and thus influences buying decisions. Think neuro!

Understanding the consumer’s emotional intelligence is the key to marketing success!



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